The Party Room

Our party room was uniquely designed to welcome kids of all ages. It seats 40 people and boasts colorful, bright décor. Our blast logo table tops and characters painted on the wall set the atmosphere for a fun filled experience.

Guests can meet in the room, order food from anywhere in the Village and receive service from our staff. Game cards then deliver the groups loads of fun and games in the arcade and laser maze. Families are also welcome to bring their own party food, cake, ice cream and drinks…..

On hot summer days or rainy days, families can use our party room as their home away from home. Again, food can be ordered from anywhere in the resort. Five large screen TVs surround the room providing parents with entertainment while the kids play…..the parents often “play” too!!

When the fun is done, we take care of the room and clean up!

Its all fun and games!!


It's all fun and games!